How To Create A Google Knowledge Panel

Google first introduced the Knowledge Panel("KP") in 2012. Google Knowledge Panels contain information about the Company, Businesses, or Celebrity. Such a panel appears on the right side in the desktop google search results. Google frequently scrapes information from online databases like Wikipedia, Structured Data, Freebase & Wikidata.

Google Knowledge Panel comes in two forms:
  1. Google Knowledge Local Panels 
  2. Google Knowledge Branded/Personal Panels.  

Google Knowledge Local Panels:

For the Google Knowledge Local Panels, verification was already possible through Google My Business(GMB). Google Knowledge Local Panels contain locally-focused details includes NAP(Name, Address and Phone No) and Reviews.

Search on Google: "msreddy academy"

list of top citation sites(local search results ):

Google Knowledge Branded/Personal Panels:

It is not possible to apply for a Google Knowledge Branded/Personal Panels. Google will decide whether or not you are a brand is worthy of a knowledge panel. If your whole has enough authority, an information panel can seem. Brand panels contain general information like Wikipedia pages, Social Profiles, Product Descriptions, date.

Search on Google: "Tata or BBC or Verizon"

Brand Accounts:

Brand Accounts is different from a Standard Account. This account is totally different from your personal Google account. If a channel is connected to a brand Account, multiple individuals will manage it from their Google Accounts. Brand Accounts specifically for your brands. You can use certain services like Google Photos, Google My Business or YouTube.

Brand Accounts:

Brand Accounts can use multiple people like You and others jointly manage a Brand Account through your own Google Accounts. You won’t need a separate username or password.

For example, you will create a Brand Account when you had a YouTube channel.

Delete a Brand Account: 

You can remove a Brand Account only if you’re the associate owner. This action can delete all the account’s content across Google services.

Source: YouTube(Google)