How To Create A Video Sitemap

A sitemap is basically the map that contains information about a web site. Sitemaps tell search engines about websites(Web pages), Pictures(Photos/images) and Video content on your web site(webpages). Video & Image sitemap is similar to create.

Video Sitemap gives request to search engines to discover and index the videos in your blog(Blogger/WordPress/any website).

How Many Type Of Sitemaps:

  • Static Sitemap: HTML sitemap(Hypertext Markup Language)
  • Dynamic Sitemap: XML sitemap(Extensible Markup Language) & .php, .aspx, & More

How Many Type Of XML Sitemaps:
  • Index Sitemap(how many URL)
  • URL Sitemap(URLs on the webpage)

How Many Type Of XML URL Sitemap:
  • Sitemaps for Webpages 
  • Image sitemaps(Details of Images and their URLs on the website) 
  • Video sitemaps(Details of Embedded Videos & their URLs on the website)

List of Sitemaps: For search engine 

  • XML sitemap: Google, Bing
  • Image XML sitemap: Google, Bing
  • Video XML sitemap: Google, Bing
  • Mobile XML sitemap: Google
  • Google News Sitemap: Google
  • GeoRSS or KML file(GEO-DATA): Google, Bing


Creating XML Sitemap For Video:

Website Contains lots of videos then you should create an XML Video Sitemap. It can help to improve your site’s performance in Google Index and other search engines index.

How To Create XML Sitemap For Video:

The Video Sitemap plugin can generate an XML Sitemap for your WordPress sites using all YouTube embedded videos.

Best Video Sitemap Plugins for WordPress:


Blogger(Blogspot) will now automatically created XML Sitemap links:

January 2015 onwards Blogger introduced Dynamic Sitemaps for all Blogspot blogs. Now you will Access all your sitemap likes
Blogger contains links to pages sitemaps like

 XML Feed URL in Blogger

 Non-CMS Tools(Websites):

How To Create Video Sitemap for non-CMS Tools(Websites):

Video sitemap must contain the below fields.
  • Title
  • Description
  • Play page UR
  • Thumbnail URL
  • Video location
Now you can create Video sitemap using XML code like
  <video> ... information about video 1 ... </video>

something like video-sitemap.xml


How To Submit Video Sitemap To Google Search Console

  • Go to Google Search Console(Webmaster Tools)
  • Under Index Tab(right side)
  • choose "Sitemaps" Options
  • Enter the Video Sitemap URL & Clicking on submit button
  • You can view all Submitted sitemaps below

Note: Add your sitemap to your robots.txt file.


How To Submit Video Sitemap To Google Search Console

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