How to Check UAE Visa Status

How to check UAE Visa Status:

How to check UAE Visa Status service is provided by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship through its website.

A resident may enter passport data to verify whether the visa is still valid and to verify whether or not the visa granted is genuine. Residents can also use this official public website to check the validity of the visa.

The validity of your residence visa is your passport number and the expiry date of your passport. So, even if you have a passport photocopy or a scanned version saved on your phone, you are good.

  1. Click the link - How to check UAE Visa Status 
  2. Choose the option ' Passport Information '
  3. Select Visa or Residency
  4. Enter the Number and Expiry of the Passport
  5. From the dropdown, select Nationality. The number will appear in the box on the left.
  6. Select the Captcha and press the search button.
The website will now show the information about your Visa along with the Expiry Date.

Source: YouTube(Dubai OFW)